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I test and wear a wide range of fitness and outdoors clothing, especially female-specific kit. These days, there are many brands to recommend. But sometimes I come across something new that I am keen to talk a bit more about.

ZOCA Active cropped up at a trade show and I did a bit of investigating. The company is founded by women and makes sports and fitness clothing for women. So this explains why the designs, fit, colours and features of the ZOCA running, cycling and fitness clothes are so lovely.

ZOCA Active Products score top marks in reviews

Several products from our Active line from the Spring Summer range have received high scoring reviews from the the experts at

Rated out of five for style, comfort, breathability, quality, colour and given an overall rating our products scored very highly.

Pack Away Jacket – Steel by Isabella R4W member

STYLE – It is very stylish. I love to run in something that makes me feel pretty. I find myself wearing it every time I go out for a jog. Score. 5/5

COMFORT – The material is interesting; not at all what I expected but it is light and soft and breathable. Score 5/5

BREATH ABILITY – It’s possibly too breathable. It doesn’t keep me warm me warm when it’s cold and windy. Score 5/5

QUALITY – The jacket itself is of good quality; however, the bag that holds the jacket is not, the string on the bag is barely sewn together and looks like it could fall apart easily. Score 3/5

COLOUR – I love this steel-grey colour. It’s pretty without being over the top. Score 5/5

OVERALL – The jacket is nice, I think it looks cool. I love that it packs away and I can take it with my easily. I also like the reflective strips. I love that it covers my bottom when I run, but I’m not sure about functionality. If I am cold it doesn’t keep me warm. If the sun shines on it, it gets too hot and I have to take it off. Score 3/5


Performance Jacket – Orchid – by Andie R4W member

STYLE – Really liked the style of the jacket, especially the thumb loops which are a fantastic idea. Would have scored a 5 if the jacket was longer at the back. Score 4/5

COMFORT – Was really comfortable to run in, didn’t bunch up anywhere. Score 5/5

BREATH ABILITY – After a 5 miler, I still felt dry and comfortable and not hot and bothered!! Score 5/5 QUALITY – Excellent quality, the material felt luxurious! Score 5/5

COLOUR – The colour was striking although not to my personal taste. Score 5/5

OVERALL – Overall a fantastic jacket, I would definitely consider buying one in the future. Score 5/5


Loose Fit Vest – Clover SS11 – by Susan R4W Forum Member

STYLE – The fit is very flattering, fits loose, yet not too loose, a tie round the wait to adjust and has the perfect cut on the sleeves and under the arm. The concealed pockets were very useful. Score 5/5

COMFORT – The fit was perfect and the weight of the fabric is great for gym workouts Very comfortable. Score 5/5

BREATH ABILITY – the fabric wicks the sweat away keeping me cool and dry throughout the workout, the top is very breathable. Score 5/5

QUALITY – Excellent quality cannot fault this top. Score 5/5

COLOUR – Nice colour lovely to wear at gym, out running on a warm day or on the beach. Score 5/5 OVERALL – The fit was perfect and the top was lightweight and super comfy. Would order in different colours and definitely recommend to others. Score 5/5


Running Short – Black – by Lucy R4W Member

STYLE – The shorts are very flattering with the looser out layer and yet you still feel supported underneath..Score 5/5

COMFORT – They are very comfortable, they don’t ride up when you’re running or doing floor work or rub at all. Score 5/5

BREATH ABILITY – In comparison to the trousers I was wearing before these are extremely breathable and therefore a lot more comfortable. Only slightly damp after a long run. Score 4/5

QUALITY – The shorts feel like they are made of a good quality and as said before they look very flattering. Score 5/5

COLOUR – Although the black is fine, it would be good to have a range of colours. Especially when running outdoors brighter is better for safety. Score 2/5

OVERALL – I was very pleased with the shorts and will continue to run in them, thank you very much! Score 4/5


Bra Top – Black SS11 – by Harriet R4W Member

STYLE – Scooped neck and racer back made a very flattering fit. Score 5/5

COMFORT – A thick band across the bottom of the top ensures it doesn’t ride up whilst moving. Very versatile. It does flatten your chest so any movement is minimal. Score 4/5

BREATH ABILITY – I was exercising for at least 3 hours and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Score 4/5 QUALITY – Good quality product with an excellent fit makes this a very good purchase. The fabric feels superior in quality as it has a silky feel to it. Score 5/5

COLOUR – Black! The motif does make the difference from being a mainstream buy to a better styled buy. Score 5/5

OVERALL – I would definitely recommend and would look to buying more of the product once it’s worn out. Score 4.5/5


Long Sleeve Active Top –leaf by Jane R4W Member

STYLE – Very nice style, like the tie detail at the waist and the rouching on the shoulder made it look very feminine. Score 5/5

COMFORT – Super soft on your skin, so very comfortable. Score 5/5

BREATH ABILITY – Always felt dry whilst exercising in the top. Score 4/5

QUALITY – Excellent quality, material, and style. Score 5/5

COLOUR – Very vibrant colour (leaf) would be very good for the winter months to make sure you can be seen out and about.

OVERALL – This top is really comfortable to run in or just lounging around in, it’s soft on the skin and the extra details like the thumb loops are a really good idea. Highly recommend. Score 5/5